Sunday 19 November 2023

Zero Male Suicide. (Part One)

Happy International Men's Day once again.

The theme for this year's commemoration is "Zero Male Suicide." I can hear some ignoramus already picking a fight with that. They are wondering why it should not have been "Zero Suicide." Why the focus on men? they ask. Why not? I ask in return. 'Tis our day after all. The focus on men does not negate the other gender. It is simply for the purpose of dealing with the specific nature of gender issues.

That brings to mind another set of ignoramuses, who supposed we are all wired the same. How so dumb? Yes, we are all the same at the human level, yet there are differences at the gender level. A man is a man and is so wired. Yes, first as a human, then as a man. In his humanity, he is the same as the woman. In his masculinity, he is different from a woman. Just as a woman in her femininity is different from a man.

How difficult is it to understand this? It sure takes a whole lot of effort to misrepresent this. Only those seeking some strange untoward agenda try to confuse this erstwhile clarity. He who created them, created them different in gender, but similar in humanity. The hormones that produce the differentiating physiologies in both act differently and not only affect the physiologies but also the psychologies.

Now this is getting long. And, I don't like long. I am going to break this down into manageable chunks. Will continue tomorrow. That will give me the opportunity to celebrate men, not only today but the whole week.

Happy International Men's Day, and for us here, Week.

The Saint.

#zeromensuicide #happyinternationalmensday


  1. 1. You can't give what you don't have. Women cannot teach their sons to be men, and vice versa.
    2. Women are created psychologically/ mentally stronger than men who are physically stronger.
    3...( humorously) Women are created to " mesmerize & confuse" men- The Saint.

  2. A question from a reader: Absolutely 💯 %..but are men more prone to suicides? If so, exactly why? Hopefully, we can answer this in the course of the discuss. I already provided a quick audio answer. Unfortunately, the format is not reproducible on Facebook.



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