Wednesday 4 January 2023

The Big Five Personality Traits (Part Four): Neuroticism.

Neuroticism is a measure of the overall emotional stability of an individual. One who is high on the Neuroticism spectrum scale is very susceptible to anxiety, emotional irritations, anger, stress, self-consciousness, and mood swings.
"Neuroticism seems to be a risk factor for many health problems, including depression, schizophrenia, diabetes, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and heart disease." (B. B. Lahey)
Neuroticism is one of the four (4) dimensions that define a person's disposition to life. The other three are Locus of Control (LOC), Self-Efficacy, and Self-Esteem. These define the core of who a person is, as against the big five personality traits which focus on a person's attributes or personality.
"People high in neuroticism are particularly vulnerable to mood disorders such as depression. Low agreeableness has also been linked to higher chances of health problems." (O. P. John & S. Srivastava).
Neuroticism is the overlap between these two models, as it both describes the core of a person and the way the person relates with others. It is the degree to which a person experiences the world as distressing, threatening, and unsafe. It is "an emotionally unstable character, condition, or trait."

On the slip side of Neuroticism is Emotional Stability. It sits on the opposite end of the Neuroticism spectrum. It is how "Unstable" or "Immature" a person is, as against one who is "Emotional Stable or mature"- calm, even-tempered, and secure.

100% Neuroticism = 0% Emotional Stability. We each fall somewhere on the spectrum, with a mixture of Neuroticism and Emptional Stability. The sub-traits of Neuroticism include Anxiety, Angry Hostility (Angry, Frustration, or Bitterness), Depression, Self-Consciousness (Social anxiety, Shyness), Impulsiveness, and Vulnerability (to Stress).

Well, I took the test some two (2) years ago. I scored 25% on Neuroticism. I know a lot of people would suppose this to be true, but it is not of my innate self. This might be representative of where I am today, but surely not where I came from. Any earlier testing and result of approximately 50% is more representative of my journey and true tendency.

I have Neuroticism and Emotional Stability warring on my inside. I am more attuned to Emotional Stability today not by accident. It has taken a whole lot of work and life to get here, including four (4) years of depression. I grew up a shy and anxious person. They've had their toll on me and are always waiting at the door to come back in if I let them.

On the flip side, I have ALWAYS been my own man - wanting and seeking to do my own thing. Those don't go together. That has been the dilemma of my life and growing. That is what makes me a Sigma personality as opposed to being a full-blown Alpha.

Enough about me. Do you know where you fall? And, why? And, the job in front of you?

Well, like we said at the beginning, and now repeat, "No score really on the spectrum is bad or necessarily good. It just speaks of your tendency." What you do with it is up to your every moment decision. Remember we are "living souls." That is, a living will, intellect and emotions. We are the responsible party, not our tendencies, or instincts.

The Saint.

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