Sunday 10 January 2021

Who or What Controls You?

"In the study of one's personal language and self-talk, it can be observed that what one thinks and talks about to himself tends to become the deciding influence in his life." ― Sidney Madwed.

Why do you suppose so? Absolutely! You are so sharp. A person's language and self-talk are an unmistakable mirror and window to the person's belief(s). 

Every system seeks equilibrium, congruency, balance, and the like. These are its stable state and configuration. The human being is no different. It seeks stability between its internal processes and its external interactions.

A person's foot soldiers, that is to say, the person's subconscious mind, go to enforce WHATSOEVER are a person's belief(s). That is the way every single one of us is built and coded. We communicate with our subconscious mind by that which we choose to believe consciously or unconsciously. It really does not matter.

The subconscious only receives messages written in belief codes. So, how do you brainwash a person? Twist his or her belief and belief system. It is that simple. Human beings have long been figured out. I can control you if I so choose. All I need to do is to instruct and direct your belief system.

That is the sole strength of advertising and programming of every sort. We are predictable, believe it or not. So, why this discussion? Good question. It is to help you get rid of all your excuses. Say bye-bye to them. You have no right to any excuse.

You can be all you ever want to be. You are not limited by time, space, or location. You are born with invincible powers that are waiting at your beck and beckon. Don't let them go to waste. Direct your foot soldiers to go to work for you. 

Give them the belief that will direct them in the trajectory you desire. Let there be alignment and congruence between your language, self-talk, and who you truly want in your today and your tomorrow. Never ever forget, that you are powerful beyond all human comprehension.

You are a miracle worker. Now let us put it to work.

It's your Neighbor.
St. Akin de Sage.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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