Friday 29 March 2024

Showing Affection in Relationship | Part Four.

Closely following hugs, in the physical touch space, is cuddling. This is a deliberate, extended, more affectionate, and intimate embrace. It is a prolonged hug, for the purposes of comforting, showing, and affirming affection.

A cuddle can be a mere extended hug, or one with the added benefits of kissing and or fondling, appreciating each other's body. The different types have their place at different times, occasions, and for different intents.

Cuddling is an essential part of the foreplay between spouses that starts way before "the do," and is especially important to the feminine gender, in preparing the ground for her arousal and play. The masculine gender also enjoys cuddling, especially when it is well-received by the feminine gender.
We each have the things that turn us on. One of it is what we call our love languages. They are the keys to our soul. They make us come alive, even romantic. To show affection is to speak to a person is their own language.
Hugs also could come with the added benefits of a quick planting of a kiss on the forehead, cheek, or lips; squeezing of the booty, etc. The whole intent is to make a connection. To let your spouse know they are seen, heard, and loved.

Physical touch can just be as simple as holding hands. Did I say simple? Well, it sure is not simple to all, otherwise, all will be doing it, but it means and says a lot to hold your spouse's hands. It says,
"We are in this together, I am proud of you, I am comfortable with you, I am yours and you are mine."
Holding hands is not just a feminine thing. It is a human thing. It is not a white man's culture. It is a natural phenomenon. It is a show of love and affection. I love touching people. It breaks the barricade and says, I am comfortable in your presence. How much more should it then be with my spouse?

 The Saint.


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