Monday 24 October 2022

Speaking in Love.

If you love your spouse, let them know. Don’t expect them to read your mind. He or she is no mind reader. That is not a requirement for marriage.

If you are not happy with your spouse, let them know how you feel. Use “I” statements, not “YOU” statements. Don’t accuse your spouse. Just let them know how what they did make (made) you feel. Don’t expect your spouse to know of on their own accord. Your spouse might just have done it with the best of intentions. If it rubbed on you the wrong way, let your spouse know.

If your love for your spouse is waning, don’t speak how you feel. Speak what you want. Why did you come into the marriage and or relationship in the first place? What was it that turned you on about your spouse? What are your goals for your marriage? What is your vision for your marriage? What can you do to kindle the fire? Start doing your part. Don’t wait for your spouse. Take ownership of your marriage and stir it in the direction of life (wholeness). You can do this. Yes, you can.

The Saint.

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