Sunday 24 March 2024

Showing Affection in Relationship | Part One.

Affection is one of the two most important emotions in a relationship. The other being empathy. Affection is simply the emotion evoked when you affect or make an impression on someone, or when someone does the same to you.

It is a gentle feeling of warmth, caring, liking, and fondness that one has towards another person. It is what draws people together, or creates the chemistry between two people. It is the attraction that makes you think you have found yourself in another person.
"Language is the key to the heart of people." ― Ahmed Deedat.
We all have our own different ways of showing affection and what moves us. Those two can be different for different persons. What is affection to one person might not necessarily be affection to someone else. Hence, if we want to show affection to a person, we must know what moves their needle, and not assume they are us.

That is the foundation of the love languages. Everyone has their own languages of affection. If you want to touch a person's heart, then you MUST speak in a language the person understands. This is not meant to be an hurdle in our relationships, but rather an enhancer and barrier breaker.

The Saint.

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