Monday 29 May 2017

What Does a Woman Want from Kissing?

Swallow Me in Your Love
Women see kissing more as a show of affection, romance, and an affirmation of their being desirable and desired. It can, but should not always lead to sex. For a woman, kissing might be an end in itself. In fact, the flame is lost for the woman if it always leads to sex. For that communicates to her she is not being desired for who she is, but for what she can give. Kissing is a vital part of foreplay for a woman. For her, it is a big deal. For it is what turns her on. It creates the beauty of the atmosphere for her of being needed, of being wanted. And, she responds accordingly.
"Women like kissing because it is an emotionally intimate act." (Jill Weber)  
"Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the ‘noise’ in your mind. It increases the levels of oxytocin, an extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of peace." (David Avocado Wolfe)
So men, cool down your temperature. Give yield to control, and appreciate your wife. Don't be all about what is in it for you. Think about what is in it for her, also. Think about what you can give, not just what your body and cravings are hungry for. She wants to play. She wants to have fun. She wants to be aroused. She does not want to be used. Slow down and enjoy the kissing. That is what your woman wants. Treat her like the lady she is. Treat her like royalty. Let her be the one to usher you into her innermost temple. Don't go before it is ready. Do the work to make it ready. And, wait for her beckoning. It is part of the process.

In a survey of what women wanted more and/or less of in kissing, below is what William Cane, in his book "The Art of Kissing," collated,
  • Don’t jam your tongue down her throat. It’s not a wrestling match.
  • Listen to her breathing. Is she breathing? This is generally important. If it sounds like she’s struggling, pull back.
  • Match her tempo. You don’t have to follow her lead all the time, but you can figure out her style of kissing and match it (or at least make a compromise).
  • Don’t be repetitive or stick to the same place. Let her take a breather and move to her neck, ears, lower lip… Be creative. Interesting fact: 96% of women liked being kissed on the neck while only 10% of men liked it.
  • 53% of women prefer kissing a clean-shaven man. We’re not saying go and shave your majestic beard, just make sure it’s well-groomed and doesn’t, you know, end up in her teeth or give her beard rash.
  • Obviously, make sure your teeth and breath are in good shape (as per above). Don’t kill the moment before it even begins.
She might never tell you, but the last one is a big put-off for most women. If your wife is kissing you less you sure now know one of the easy quick fixes – take care of your kissing workshop. An investment in mints etc. might save your marriage. Brushing before the big event will make a lot of difference. No kidding you.
"A kiss can't make a relationship, but clearly the evidence shows it can break or kill a relationship." (Gordon Gallup)
Kissing is a dance play of love. Find the rhythm of your spouse and adjust accordingly enjoying one another. Put the biggest sex organ (the brain) to work. Be creative, discover, and enjoy one another.

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