Monday 26 December 2022

Freedom from Loneliness.

Loneliness was never a part of God’s plan. Man (woman included) was made for relationship. It is part of the DNA of mankind. NO ONE was made to live as an island, nor is anyone complete as an island. We all need each other to make it in life. Life is made such that a part of us is kept in other people. And, we only get to find it in the place of relationship. 
"Loneliness Is Not The Absence Of Affection, But The Absence Of Direction." ― Dr. Mike Murdock. 
In fact our very essence is not found in ourselves. It is found outside of us – in the impacts we make and allow to be made on us by others. So, where then does loneliness come? Loneliness is an abnormality occasioned by the fall. It is part of the imperfections brought to life when man lost his glorified place. It is a part of the death process activated and made operational by the spirit of fear. 

Loneliness comes to stiffen life out of a person leading to depression and other like psycho-illnesses. Loneliness, in a sense, is a spirit. And, sure is not one from God. Hence, like any other spirit that we have not been given by God, we can reject and not give place (life) to it. It has no power of its own, except that which we give to it. The onus is on us.
"Loneliness is sign of self-hatred." ― Dr. Myles Munroe.
Loneliness like any other spirit has a voice and hears. It tries to sell its idea to us. As it were, it has to market itself. And, the only way it can ever have power over us is when and or if we subscribe to its plea. That is, if we buy of its merchandise. Its merchandise includes the idea or feeling that we are unloved; that we are not worthy of love; that there is something wrong with us; that people don’t like us; that we don’t measure up and the likes. 

It’s all a strategy is to sell False Evidences, making them Appear Real (FEAR). It places negative, demotivating, power draining definitions to things happening in and around our lives. Its aim being to show us as victims. The cool thing is that we don’t have to heed to it. We have a choice. We are not without help.

We can choose not to heed to the "Spirit of Loneliness." We can choose not to buy its merchandise. Will you? Today?

The Saint.

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