Monday 18 March 2024

How to Practice Empathy with Your Spouse | Part One.

One of the ways we show empathy is by actively listening to others. When we actively listen, we are attending to the speaker. Attention is the greatest gift we can give to another, more so our spouse.

We cannot connect without giving attention. Not giving attention is how couples grow apart. It does not happen overnight. It happens over a time-space. The couples slowly drift away till they cannot recognize one another.

Attention is the anchor that keeps the station of the relationship. And, one of the ways we attend to our spouse and our relationship is active listening. Not listening to respond, but simply being present in the moment.

Another way by which we can evoke empathy in our relationship is by using our imagination. Don't forget empathy is the ability to be in tune with the energy of the moment. Your imagination helps you to switch roles, and live the golden rule.

If I was in the other's shoes how would I want to be related or spoken with? This will go a long way in delivering those who try to force their spouse into a mold different from their spouse's personality. You must never forget, It is not about you, nor your idol.

It is about the other person, your spouse in this instance. How will they want to be rubbed in this moment, this instance? What will make them come alive? Remember, again the first part of the paradox of healthy relations?

"A healthy relationship is one in which people enter into, not because of what they want, but what they can give..." Giving is the very essence of empathy.

The Saint.

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