Sunday 16 October 2022

Show R-E-S-P-E-C-T:

"Just respect each other. It really is that simple." Darcy and Duane Fridley, married 29 years, Fridley, MN.

You would suppose the easy things are the things we will more easily do, but lo and behold they are the things we do least. I have never taken a picture at the ring at our Houston office. Yet, many come from far to take landmark pictures there. I worked there, so it was a common thing to me. Not to others.

I was familiar with it, so I kind of commonized it. Others ain't familiar with it, so they tend to value and respect it. Yet, it is the very same ring. The same thing occurs with our spouse. We spend so much time with them, they become common. So, we are tempted to treat them with contempt.

Yet, they are human. And, humans demand respect. Being your spouse does not diminish their humanness. They are unlike the ring at my work place, subject to feelings . We love and respect people, but use things.

It is not that we want to commonize our spouse. It is that we are programmed to commonize familiarity. It behooves us then to ensure our familiarity never leads to contempt. This needs to be a conscious effort, for our unconsciousness is not so programmed.

Show respect to your spouse. Show respect and again show respect. There is never a good reason to do otherwise. Irrespective of the season of life you are in. There is never a good enough reason to disrespect your spouse. You only make a good situation bad, and a bad situation worse.

Even if your spouse disrespects you, be the adult in the relationship, and hold your peace. Stay the path of respect. It will make your relationship better, not worse.

Hoping this helps someone out there.

The Saint.

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