Tuesday 11 October 2022

Attracting Your Soulmate:

The whole of nature works by attraction. That is a law. It is indisputable. If you are not attracting what you want, the problem is not with what you are supposed to be attracting. The problem is with you. There is something about you that is not attracting what you want. The law is always right. It does not change. We change to align with the law. We each attract what our person deserves. 

If we don't like what we are attracting, guess who needs to change? We of course. There is something about us that is attracting what we are attracting, and not attracting what we are not attracting. The law works all the time without exception. We are the ones to make the adjustment, and until we do our lot will not change.

If supposed good partners are getting attracted to the supposed bad partners, guess what the issue is? It is not a problem with the law. It is an issue with your definition of good and bad, and your perception. You might just have it all twisted around. The law never changes. We change. The issue is never with the law. So, we need to use the law as a reference to decipher the situation.

If you are only attracting the people who want to sleep with you before marriage, check yourself. Is your dressing suggestive? Is there a one-to-one correlation between who you suppose you are and the way you present and carry yourself? The answer is in you, not outside of you. You are your own doctor. Face the brutal facts and truth of your being, and your healing will manifest.

Never mistake the appearance for the reality on the inside. Everyone acts in public, especially in church. Don't judge a spouse by the public outlook. There is more to the person than the public act, charisma, mascara, and packaging. They might be seemingly good on the outside, but very immature on the inside. What a person is drawn to tells you a lot about the person. You must never miss that. 

A person shows you their color by that which they allow and are attracted to. Believe it the first time, otherwise, you'll live to regret it.

Hoping this helps someone out there.

The Saint.

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