Sunday 23 October 2022

Questions and Answers (Forty-Four): Be the Gentleman that you are..

If you have to remind or tell your spouse that you are a man, you are not.

Question: Some women don't really care if you are a man, that's why we have to remind them at times.

Answer: True, but the answer is not to tell them. You live positively as a man. That is the answer to such. You stay at it till the message is received. You never say it. You lose respect when you do. You also lose respect when you become abusive. There is a reason why we use "gentle" before the man. He is strength under control.

Question: I guess he is a man, he probably subconsciously has some self-doubt.

Answer: That self-doubt is a sickness. He needs to go for counseling and possibly therapy, rather than making a hell of the woman's life. He needs to go find his manhood where he forgot or lost it.

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