Monday 21 February 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Four)

So, why the default of expecting a man to be a mind reader? What is the core driver of such a drift? Love is the key ingredient that runs the engine of a woman. A lot of men think it is money, but they are so far from the truth, it sets off the alarm bells. Money might be desired for what it represents, not for itself.

I guess it is the same fallacy of believing or assuming a man's number one need is sex. Really? If that were true the strip clubs will be the best place to find a wife. Man's number one need is rest, not sex. Sex is simply a means to an end. Rest, or peace of mind is a man's number one craving.

Women, in expecting men to be mind readers, are actually seeking to answer the questions, "Is he into me? As he accepted me for who and what I am? Does he love me? Those are the real questions she wants to be answered. She really couldn't be bothered if you were a wizard, familiar spirit, or whatever.

Looking for a mind reader is the crude and instinctive way of getting the answers she seeks. It, however, has made several lose their husband, soulmate and get hooked with hunter, narcissist men, who understand the game. 

I ran a series, recently, on how to know if a man loves you. I'll place a link to this series below (on my blog).

I'll like to read your thoughts.


The Saint.

1 comment:

  1. Dioluwa Andrew: Man’s number one need is rest, not sex. This is a profound truth. Thanks Sir.



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