Monday 21 February 2022

How to know if he loves you. (Part One)

I am presently reading an article by Dave Willis, titled, "7 signs he really LOVES you." This kind of brings to mind my own relationship experience, hence, wanted to share a thing or two along this line.

Love is not the easiest thing for a man. He is not necessarily created to love. He is created to submit. Submission comes easy. Love is a different game all together. A man does not need to love a person to have sex with the person.

Sex is an activity in submission to the man. He submits to the need and or person providing the need. So, sex is no indication as to if a man loves. Rather, the gift of his time might be a pointer as to his quotient of love.

If a man loves you, he'll make time with you "a priority." This, however, should not be mistaken for him making time with you "the only priority." He still needs to meet up with his other commitments, just that he will make you a priority.

As David Willis puts it, "You will be the most important part of his schedule. He won’t see you as an interruption."

Care to share your thoughts on this? Please feel free to in the comments.

The Saint.

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