Wednesday 23 February 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Five)

A woman is created to love and be loved. She is a creation of love inside and outside. Love is second nature to her if not even first nature. Just as she loves, so does she seek to be loved in no less measure than she exudes. Hence, the questionings of her heart, like we shared in Part 4.

Submission is what creates in women that which men are still researching, trying to understand. A woman's disposition to submission is at best confusing. At one point in time, her feminine energy has ascendancy and she is seeking to submit to masculine energy.

Yet, in the next second, her mother hen nature kicks in and she is all about protecting her territory. This could be rather confusing for an immature male. The hunter, alpha male understands the game and is able to play it to his advantage. The challenge is, he can play it to the detriment of the lady.

Anyone cares to share their experience, or have a question or so along with this line? Let's discuss.

The Saint.

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