Friday 18 February 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Three)

Have you ever been the victim of a woman expecting you to be able to read her mind? How did it make you feel? Where did they all learn this from? This is one of the reasons I so often say, "All women are cut from the same stock. They only come in different shades, shapes, and sizes, but all basically the same."

I do realize this might sound a bit insulting to some, who suppose they are of a higher class and or breed. Really? How come you are still a victim of the same ill that seems to plague all women? And, why under God's heaven do women think men should be able to read their minds.

What happened to the need for communication? Why do you suppose the man less because you had to remind him, or tell him something? Obviously, all those romantic movies and novels have sold y'all a false, alternate universe that does not exist in reality, or does it?

Let's discuss.

The Saint.

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  1. Francis Chinaka: Uum, give me a minute. I’m trying to read the mind of the woman in the photo, and perhaps the correlation to the subject matter.

    Akin Akinbodunse: Waiting. May be you have found the secret key to helping our women.

  2. Suresh C Jaryal: Both men and women have different approaches.

    Marriage Minute: True. Men and women are wired differently.

  3. Well, the end of another part in this series. Thanks, for the assimilation of the subject matter. It obviously is hitting people in the right places.

    I remember when I once counseled a lady along this line. She was absolutely amazed at the truth, and she took the lesson to heart. I can only hope there are more ladies like her out there.

    It will surely make a difference in and for your home. It will make you and your spouse live longer, and take away a lot of unneeded stress, animosity and troubles.

    Ability to communicate is a pre-requisite for a life-giving, healthy and rewarding relationship and marriage. Mind reading is not one.

    The Saint.



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