Tuesday 22 February 2022

What a Woman Wants During Sex from Her Man. (Part Five)

For a woman, sex is an all-day, everyday affair. The holy book talks about a spouse seen sporting in the open. What do you suppose they were doing? Foreplay, basketball, or what? They were having what each woman is dying for, to be pleasured on an ongoing basis by the man she loves. Sex for the woman is more than mere virginal penetration. It is the whole euphoria of being loved and cherished. 

It is the sporting between opposite sex in love. It bears a wider range than most men can ever imagine. Sexting, touching, grabbing, tapping, looking, fondling, fingering, sucking, etc. The virginal penetration and the accompanying pump-action and positionings are sheer climaxing, not necessarily the main act for the woman. More for the man, really. A man mostly climaxes, gets his orgasm, from penetration.

Only about 30% of women get their orgasm from virginal penetration.

Here are a few comments from women:

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan:

"Lengthy foreplay please! Sex is always better (for both of us) when he takes the time to make out and get me really aroused beforehand." — Gillian.

"I just want my man to tell me that I am a very bright, very special woman (like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman). I feel like most guys aren't so great with the compliments, and after you're naked with someone, that's all you really want." — Christine.

"I would love to be whisked away on a last-minute trip somewhere chic, have a lovely, innocent, romantic dinner. Then, on a walk back to our hotel, sneak off in an alley for an illicit, highly-charged tryst!" — Liz.

"Tell me to take my time. Some women worry that it takes them too long to orgasm and that can lead to totally not enjoying the experience. When your man says he's down for marathon sex, you stop worrying and enjoy it more." — Courtney.

"Set the mood—sexy music, pour us some drinks, touch my leg under the table at dinner. Just do something to change the mood from a normal one to a hot one." — Leah.

"I like it when a dude kisses my butt. I mean literally, but figuratively is also nice." — Kaitlin.

"I like a vocal guy—a little bit of dirty talk goes a long way." — Jess.
Courtesy of iDiva:

"Have fun. We don't want it to be like you are giving an exam because that makes us uncomfortable too. Loosen up."

"Satisfy us. Just because you are done, does not mean it's over. Don't just roll over and sleep."

Courtesy of Times of India:

"For you it could be just a release, for us it’s all tied up with emotions, head, and heart... so know that our responses will always be more thought through and, therefore, possibly slow. Don’t get impatient... when everything gets working (read aroused), it’s all yours to enjoy."

"We also like sweet nothings whispered into our ears, or shouted out loud... we sometimes fake orgasms (didn’t they tell you!), but we make it appear like the real thing. Get the drift?"

"Act over, and everyone can go home. Why does it have to be this way? We like a logical conclusion. A climax isn’t a conclusion. Remember, there’s a curtain call, and everyone’s thanked!"

The Saint.

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