Tuesday 22 February 2022

How to know if he loves you. (Part Four)

"If a man doesn’t love you, he will always be unclear on his level of commitment. If a man truly loves
you, he will want to make sure you ALWAYS have confidence in his commitment to you!" (Dave Willis) As much as men might enjoy playing games they are so transparently readable it is absurd that a lot of women cannot read them. The lack of comprehension has nothing to do with the complexity of the man, but the inclination of the readers to fantasize.

I once had the privilege of counseling a Malaysian girl. She was dating a Cameroonian guy, who was living in her apartment. As if that was not absurd enough, the guy was physically and verbally abusive, yet she felt he was doing her a privilege to be dating her. She felt she might not get any other person to date her if the guy leaves. I know it sounds incredible, but this is reality, not a movie.

By the time she was counseling with me, her parents had come to get her from her apartment to stay with them, in trying to get to the reason why her savings account was drawn down. The Bank had somehow sent her balance to their home. In all of these, the guy was still staying in her apartment, and she was still sneaking off to give the guy money. Now if this is not absurd, what is?

There are many such women. I counseled another the other day, who did not mind the man having side chicks, for as long as she was the main chick. Really? Where is dignity? These are the same ones who will be complaining about the man's infidelity tomorrow. How so true the saying, "Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed." (Albert Einstein)

“It’s foolish to marry for the person you think you can make out of the person you know.” (Dr. White)

The Saint.

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