Tuesday 22 February 2022

What a Woman Wants During Sex from Her Man. (Part Four)

A man is a helicopter, a woman is an airplane. A helicopter takes flight easily, but cannot go far, while though the airplane needs time to take flight it is able to make cross Atlantic journeys. The same parallels are seen between a man and a woman. All the macho display of a man is no better than that of a helicopter. Yes, he is "BEREC" (ever-ready), but, howbeit, a relatively short-lived "BEREC".

After discharge, he needs time to re-cork. Re-cork time varies from man to man, but it sure is a lapse time. Forget all the fake movie magic things. It ain't natural. You'll need to be under the influence to be otherwise. Yet a woman, aroused and agile, can carry on the flight. Lubrication might be an issue, but that is artificially available.

Enough of the Sex Education. I said all these just to point, again, the truth that each is wired, framed, and created differently. To get the best out of sex, we need to walk a mile in each other's shoes. We need to engage our biggest sex organ to get the maximum experience from each opportunity. If we were in the other's shoes, how will we want to be touched?

A lot of women are suffering in silence because they are married to some nerd, who has no clue what sex is, and does not know that he does not know. He feels sex is all about him. He climbs at will and discharges and wonders why the woman is not satisfied. He wonders why the woman masturbates or wants more. The empty head does not have enough brain to find out.

I once counseled a lady in such a predicament. Unfortunately, she was one of those who have stepped out. She had been married for eight (8) years, six (6) of which she has been going out to close the deal. The fool she has at home expects her to be satisfied with the bishop style, which is no better than climb and discharge. The woman asked for more, but the man refused. Well, she's had a lot of available side-cocks.

This is in no way to justify infidelity, but a cry to the men to do more. Throw away their foolish pride and engage their wives on how to ensure mutual satisfaction in the workshop. There are ways to foreplay, there are ways to touch, there are ways to pump, etc. And, the women say, Amen!

The Saint.

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