Tuesday 28 March 2017

Questions and Answers (Nine): Quarrels, Ego?

Must the man (married / potential) always take the lead to settle quarrels? I perceive our ladies/women don't like correction. They see it from their own ego as "command."

The straight and simple answer to your question is, YES. The man ALWAYS has to take the lead. Why else is he the leader (or potential leader) of the home? Is it merely to give commands and exert his FAKE powers? EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership. 

The leader (man) determines the direction of the home. If the woman is not taking the initiative to settle quarrels, guess whose fault it is. You are right on the money. The fault is the man. He has not cultivated his woman to have such a response.

Having cleared the way on that, we are each called to be leaders (in the general sense) before God. Hence, the woman cannot, because the man is being less than a man, leave things to go AWOL. It is in her place to help the man, by covering his nakedness. 

At the end of the day, it is not about who makes the first move. It is about ensuring peace and harmony reigns in your home.

Hoping this adequately addresses your question.

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