Thursday 14 December 2017

The Leader in the Home

Different Roles, Shared Responsibilities
When it comes to a marriage scenario, partners have their own ordained roles and responsibilities. Yes, it is the husband's role to lead. The leader is the stated role, not boss, or dictator. That is why God's mandate is that he loves his wife. WHATEVER the husband does in his leadership role MUST ALWAYS have love as the undertone. The absence of love is what makes most women rebel. Some men abuse their leadership roles. That is why women have been wrestling for it with them.

A woman who is sincerely loved will melt in the man’s hands. The feminine energy seeks masculine energy. Just as the masculine energy seeks feminine energy. Women by nature want to be led, in a marriage setting. They only want to be assured the privilege is not abused. It is up to the man to create that atmosphere. Hence, God emphasizes love from him. 

A leadership role does not necessarily mean the two are not equal in the real sense of the word. A man does not have anything in him other than his role to make him not equal to his wife. He does not have two heads. The wife has about everything that he has and can do about everything he can do and in some cases more.

It is more like a comparison between you and your boss in the office. The only real thing he/she has that you don’t have is the role. You are subservient to the role, not necessarily his /her person. In actual fact, you might be older, and come from a wealthier family. However, as far as the office and work-related issues are he/she is your boss. A similar analogy applies to the home as well. The husband’s role does not make the woman any less. His leadership is a role.

The husband can only be truly a leader to the extent he carries himself responsibly as one. Also, it is to the extent to which his wife submits to his leadership. Leadership is a gift (a privilege) the follower gives. That is why God ordains a woman to submit. She gives the leadership to him. It is not something to be taken by force.

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