Tuesday 28 March 2017

Questions and Answers (Eight): Settling quarrels?

Must the man (married / potential) always take the lead to settle quarrels? I wonder what Eve would have done if Adam insisted that she must not eat from the tree that God commanded them not to touch. I am sure Eve would have fought back. This is the problem with our ladies/women.

So, who did God give the instruction to? Was it to Eve or to Adam? Who had the privilege of getting the full message – the gesticulations and the emotions that accompanied the message, stressing its importance? A lot of men, in their stupidity and foolish pride, think Eve was the reason for the fall of man. That is why they have not grown nor learnt anything from the error and dereliction of responsibility and duty of the first Adam (man).

Adam’s responsibility was to have past the instruction to Eve, and ensure compliance. This he failed to do yet turned around to blame her. That is very unmanly. That is a lack of responsibility. That is not what a true man does. A true man stands up to his responsibility, including that of those under his cover. That is the example we learn from the Last Adam.

EVERY woman wants to be led. That is the way they are created. The only challenge is, “They don’t want it to be abused.” 

If you are man enough, your woman will be woman enough. The onus is on the man to cultivate his woman.

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