Saturday 8 April 2017

Questions and Answers (Ten): Prophets?

Does God still use our Prophets to speak to us these present days? Is it right to go to Prophets (God's prophets) when we need direction?

(By a Prophet the children of Israel were led and by a Prophet, He (God) preserved them--Hosea 12:13.)

The answer to the first question is a clear cut YES. God still uses Prophets to speak in these present day and age. However, it is not like He did in the time of old. Today, He has a whole lot of Moses', Enochs and Davids (friends of God) He also speaks directly to and through. You don’t have to be a prophet to hear the voice of God. You just need to be a friend of God (a sheep in His fold).

This, however, in no way excludes the place and ministry of the prophet in the church. It is not just as primal as it was in the Old dispensation. In this new dispensation, where the curtain has been torn and the veil removed, everyone, who is willing, can come. I am very much aware of several usurpers of the gospel who use scriptures like “Hosea 12:13” to lord it over people. They and the people who get caught in their web have a case to answer before God.

Now on to the second question, the answer is not that clear cut. It is a Yes and a NO, depending on the circumstance surrounding the event. The office of the Prophet has been abused due to the sheer laziness of people. Rather than seeking God and having their lives in a place where they can hear God, for themselves, people have rather chosen to play the harlot. They have chosen to make gods out of supposed prophets. That is wrong, and an abuse of the office.

However, to seek a Prophet’s audience for a confirmation or affirmation of that which you believe God is already telling you is not wrong. The prophet is no god. He is a mere human being like you and I. He can and does make mistakes. He can misinterpret or mis-decipher that which God is telling him. So, why will you want to rest your destiny on another man’s mistake?

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