Sunday 8 January 2023

The Big Five Personality Traits (Part Five): Openness.

Openness, also referred to as "open to experience," is one's propensity to be open-minded, enjoy trying new things, be curious, and be imaginative. It is correlatable to another psychological trait known as absorption. Absorption involves the ability to become immersed in imagination or fantasy. 

Those high on openness are most likely to identify as spirituals; politically and socially liberal.

On the slip side of Openness is Closeness. That's a no-brainer. Right? Closeness sits on the opposite end of the Openness spectrum. It is how "open" a person is to (new) experiences, as against one who is "closed" to trying new experiences.

100% Openness = 0% Closeness. We each fall somewhere on the spectrum, combining Openness and Closeness. The sub-traits of Openness include Active Imagination, Aesthetic Sensitivity, Attentiveness to Inner Feelings, Preference for Variety and Liberal Ideas, Intellectual Curiosity, and Challenging Authority (Adventurousness).

Well, I took the test some two (2) years ago. I scored 83% on Openness. That is no surprise. Right? It is the reason why I do what I do here. I am creative, adventurous, and intellectual. I enjoy playing with ideas and discovering novel experiences. 

I am a non-conformist. I am always thinking of how to do it better, faster, and more pleasurable. I am an artist at heart. That comes out in all that I do. I like rocking the boat and testing the boundaries. All these come naturally to me. I don't even have to think before flowing in this direction. It is my wiring.

Enough about me. Do you know where you fall? And, why? And, the job in front of you?

Well, like we said at the beginning, and now repeat, "No score really on the spectrum is terrible or necessarily good. It just speaks of your tendency." What you do with it is up to your every moment decision. Remember we are "living souls." That is, a living will, intellect and emotions. We are the responsible party, not our tendencies, or instincts.

The Saint.

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