Monday 2 January 2023

The Big Five Personality Traits (Part Three): Agreeableness.

A person with a high level of agreeableness in a personality test is usually warm, friendly, and tactful. They are usually unassuming, with an optimistic view of human nature, and thus get along well with others. They put others' interests above their own.

As would be expected, social harmony is an important goal for individuals with high Agreeableness traits. Hence, they tend to be helpful, friendly, considerate, and generous. Do you know anyone like this? How do you score against these traits?

On the slip side of Agreeableness is Hostility. It sits on the opposite end of the Agreeable spectrum. It is how "Hostile" a person is as against one who is "Agreeable," close, trusting, friendly, and cooperative. 

100% Agreeableness = 0% Hostility. We each fall somewhere on the spectrum, with a mixture of Agreeableness and Hostility. The sub-traits for Agreeableness include Trust, Morality, Altruism, Cooperation, Modesty, and Sympathy.

Well, I took the test some two (2) years ago. I scored 62.5% on Agreeableness. Does anyone need to contest that? Is that correct from your assessment? What does this confirm about me?

I won't contest it. It is just about right. I experience a great deal of empathy and tend to get pleasure from serving and taking care of others. I am usually trusting and forgiving until convinced otherwise. 

On the flip side, and possibly why my scores are no higher, "I hate the status quo." I love making things better because I believe everything, without exception, can be made better. That easily gets me in trouble EVERYWHERE I go.

It is very easy for me to entertain a critical spirit just because I am always conscious of how things can be done better. Now you know why I am not an "A" student on this trait.

Well like we said at the beginning, and now repeat, "No score really on the spectrum is bad or necessarily good. It just speaks of your tendency." What you do with it is up to your every moment decision. Remember we are "living souls." That is, a living will, intellect and emotions. We are the responsible party, not our tendencies, or instincts.

The Saint.

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