Monday 2 January 2023

The Big Five Personality Traits (Part Two): Conscientiousness.

This is a person's ability to regulate impulsiveness and awareness. The dictionary defines it as "the quality of wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly." It measures how responsible and reliable a person is. 

Traits of conscientiousness include being highly organized, getting things done on time, being self-disciplined, keeping rules, being detail-focused, and prioritizing effectively. 

On the slip side of Conscientiousness is Spontaneity. It sits on the opposite end of the Conscientious spectrum. It is how "Spontaneous" a person is as against one who is "Conscientious," aware, and living in the moment. 

Relationship quality is positively associated with partners' level of conscientiousness, and highly conscientious people are less likely to get divorced. Conscientious people are better at managing conflict and tend to provoke fewer disagreements, perhaps because they elicit less criticism due to their well-controlled and responsible behavior.

100% Conscientiousness = 0% Spontaneousness. We each fall somewhere on the spectrum, combining Conscientiousness and Spontaneity. The sub-traits of Conscientiousness include Orderliness (Highly Organised), Self-Efficacy, Self Disciplined, Cautiousness (Sticks to Rules), and Achievement-Striving.

Well, I took the test some two (2) years ago. I scored 79% on Conscientiousness. Is that correct from your assessment? What does this confirm about me?

I am generally organized and determined. I am focused on my goals and generally avoid distractions. I am a big believer in cause and effect and the law of compensation as a whole. I work doggedly toward my goals.

No score really on the spectrum is terrible or necessarily good. It just speaks of your tendency. What you do with it is up to your every moment decision. Remember we are "living souls." That is, a living will, intellect and emotions. We are the responsible party, not our tendencies, or instincts.

The Saint.

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