Tuesday 13 December 2022

Saved by Goals.

“Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” – Brian Tracy.

The only constant, obviously after God, is change itself. That is a no brainer. We real never needed Heraclitus to tell us that, but he did. We are thus without excuse. Change comes to change us. It could not be bothered as to the direction of the change. 

Just in the same way the wind and the waves of life could not be bothered as to their effect on us. They are doing their thing. They are neither for us nor are they against us. They just are. Whether to make or mar us is up to us. It is up to the way we receive and use them.

If we do nothing, we will be beaten mercilessly by them. The dissipation of energy will or might simply be to destructive ends. That, however, does not need be the case. The same energy can be put to constructive use by simply directing it or transmuting it.

This is the very same effect goals have on change times and seasons. Just as changing times and seasons could be destructive to some, they sure elevate others. Again, it is all determine by what we do with them. Are we directing them? Are we transmuting (converting) them?

Goals are transducers (converters). They help us convert the energy of times and seasons to definite productive ends. Times and seasons will happen regardless. The young will get old. We cannot stop nor suspend times and seasons, but we can use them.

We use times and seasons by setting definite goals. We set goals for every area and season of our lives till we exit this time bound sphere. We set our exit goals, our midlife goals, our retirement goals, marriage goals, parenting goals, friendship goals, career goals, calling goals, etc.

We are at the dawn of another year. Do we have our crossover goals in place? What about our goals for the coming year? If we don't, remember they'll work against us. We sure don't want that. Right? 'Tis time to set our defense, our sail, our transmuter, our transducer, our goals. What are you waiting for?

The Saint.

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