Sunday 11 December 2022

You Are the Responsible Party.

“Within our dreams and aspirations, we find our opportunities.” – Sugar Ray Leonard.

Deep calls to deep, just as shallow calls to shallow. You are where you are because of what your life is calling. Just let that sink in. Selah. The universe is answering you. It is not quiet. You are getting what you are calling for. Do you like it? If not, why are you still speaking the same language?

If you don't like what you are getting change your language. The supply is not the issue. The environment is not the issue. The government is the issue. You are the issue. You are getting what you are presently making demands for. If you don't like it, change.

Do you need me to say that again? You are getting the result of the vibes you are sending out. You are no accident. You are a result. If you want a different result, change the input. Change the vibes. Change the language. Change the demand. You will not get home by chance.

You will only get home by change. You will get home by pressing the right button combination. You will change by making demands of life by your dreams, your vision, your aspirations, and your WHY. The universe is a generous supplier. It answers. It gives. It responds, but you got to ask.

The Saint.

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