Monday 10 October 2022

Questions and Answers (Forty-Three): How to Overcome Perfection Paralysis.


I occasionally get, what I call, perfection paralysis. It's very frustrating.

Possible Solution:

I know the feeling. I still get to struggle with perfection, but by and large, I am much better today than I used to be. 

"I still have an eye for excellence, no doubt about that. I have not abandoned my high taste and code of practice. I believe nothing is ever good enough. Everything can always be done better, but I also apply the 80-20 rule. 

I shoot to do my best within the time allotted and leave the consequence to be what it is. I trust the universe (God, nature) to have the rest. It is what it is after I have given it my best. I don't kill myself over the little errors or gaps, once I can assure myself that I gave my best." 

That is so liberating. It has healed all three maladies [perfectionism, shyness, and propensity for depression] for me.

Hoping this helps.

The Saint.

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