Friday 18 March 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Nine)

The silence is deafening, but I hear you loud and clear. Thanks, for your fellowship.

The girl, in looking for prince charming, sets out several hurdles to fizzle him out. Typically, the attraction occurs before checking the box, but not in all cases. We are all different and have been scarred differently by life. Hence, the nerves around our emotions differ.

In normal circumstances, these huddles are inherent in each person, as what is being sought for is a worthy partner, or should I say soulmate. "Beauty," we say, "is in the eye of the beholder." "One person's food might just be another person's poison." So, one person's criteria might not necessarily cut across for all.

There are some general qualities sought by the average lady, called for by the feminine energy, but we need not lose sight of what average represents. There are outliers. These are attenuated by the level of masculine energy in the lady. 

Just as much as above average feminine energy produces effeminate amongst men, more than average levels of masculine energy produce the same opposite effect in women. This can be hereditary, or environmental, that is the stream of life she swam through.

Irrespective of the hereditary and or environmental effects of energies, a woman is still a woman at her core, just as a man is a man at his core. The secret is in the ability to drill down to the core. Only love, true love can do the trick, or should I say the magic.

Enough psychology for now. I take a pause here to hear from you.

The Saint.

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