Monday 14 March 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Eight)

I love where we landed on the last part. And, more so, I like the selah. We are obviously hitting at some nerves and bringing clarity to bear on the issues of the heart. That is the only reason we are on this journey. You are my reason, and for as long as I am hitting home, I'll keep writing.

It is no secret girls develop faster than boys, in all faculties. The boys later catch up though. This sets up the other dynamic in the relationship between the sexes. Where the girls need to define a platonic from a romantic relationship, the boys might not necessarily need to. 

For the boys, possibly all close platonic relationship is potential romantic relationships. What brings us close might as well keep us together. Not so, for the girls, she is created to love. So, love comes naturally to her. What does not come naturally to her is submission. That she keeps for a romantic relationship.

She is looking for a prince charming to sweep her off her feet. Every girl has her own criteria of who makes the cut. She is born to fantasize about him. That is natural, and okay. However, it needs to be cut to its right size and never allowed to run riot. Otherwise, it becomes lost in fantasy.

Cut to its right size, it is healthy and desirable. It is nature's way of creating boundaries for the heart of feminine energy. Cut to the right size means it must always be within one's control, and not allowed to run riot and have control of the driver's seat.

Let me press the pause button here. I'll love to hear your perspective on this.

Let's Talk.

The Saint.

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