Wednesday 23 March 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Ten)

The feminine energy, more like the Beta personality archetype, is plagued with the evil of second-guessing. Though the heart knows its home and witnesses Mr. Right, she is tempted to second guess. This is more so or less depending on the kind of examples she has around her, or in her.

This is what gives rise to her propensity to set out test papers in confirming the pointer in her heart. Yes, the heart knows the way home, but...the but is why she feels obliged to test. Different questions come to mind. Will he take me for granted? Will he satisfy me? Will I be safe in his hands and arms?

Obviously, there are the more vain questions also, but all come from second-guessing. And, because it does are liable to push the man further away than bring him close, or send the wrong signals of what is not. (I can hear some opposing questions coming up already. I can read your minds, you know, but would rather wait for you to voice them.)

The tests assume a stable, mature, finished, ready-to-go male, but do they exist? Again, don't forget that females mature faster than males. That is possibly why females are more easily drawn to older males. Unfortunately, age and maturity are not synonymous. That is one of the sad awakenings that hits many a female. 

The man passed all their tests, but yet is not the man the tests point him out to be. He was mature enough to pass the tests, but not mature enough to live in the normal stream of life. Then, she has to live with the cost. And, what is the cost of not following your heart? It is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

Makes sense to you? Let me know. Does not make sense to you? Let me know.

The Saint.

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