Friday 4 March 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Seven)

Just see how much length we have had to embark just to describe the second test women put men through. That tells of just how important it is to women. Though they suppose the first is the most important, a woman will rather live without the first, if this second one is in place.

I know a lot of women, will at face value, argue otherwise, but there are just too many examples to disprove the reality of it. Yes, a woman will argue she is looking for a man who loves her and supposes that is the deal-breaker for her. Really? What if she is mistaken?

What if the real deal-breaker for a woman is a man she can submit to? In the first place, men don't know how to love, just as women don't know how to submit. So, how do you know a man who loves you? What you interpret as love, is submission to the man. He is created to submit.

So, we see here a confusion between the sexes. Why? They are wired differently, so see each other from their own interpretation of the world. Only those who are able to slow down and take a closer look from the perspective of the other gain the required mastery in the relationship.

Howbeit, in the hustle and bustle of daily living we are not always graced with such opportunities. How do you see your relationship in this light? Anything to share, or challenge? Any haha moment?

Let's talk.

The Saint.

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