Monday 21 February 2022

What a Woman Wants During Sex from Her Man. (Part Three)

From the aforementioned, it is apparent that, though sex is consciously physical for men, it is consciously spiritual and emotional for women. This is seen in such statements as "he touched me;" "he entered me," "he turned my head," etc. A man has no such description for sex. For him, it is another physical activity to get done with. Not so for the woman. 

It might just be unconsciously spiritual and emotional for the man, just as it is unconsciously physical for the woman. The physical is the icing on the cake for the woman, just as the spiritual and emotional are the icing on the cake for a man. That which is done physically grounds the man here on earth. No wonder why a man is ever ready to have sex. Sex is earthly for the man. 

Not so for the woman. That which is supposedly done physically transports her to another world entirely. The euphoria for her is real. Hence, the usage of such ephemeral descriptions. Sex is a transport to another world for her. She needs to be travel-ready for the journey. Hence, unlike the man, a woman is not "Berec," ever ready. She needs preparation. So, when she says no, don't take it personally.

She is not saying no to you or to sex. She is simply not in a position to give you what she is capable of. She is not ready for the sacrament of sex, and she does not want to make common that which is holy. She wants to prepare her "holy of holies" for your entrance. While sex might be the beginning of intimacy for a man, not so for a woman. 

Sex for a woman is the taking of intimacy to another level and maintaining it there. So, help her prepare so she can give you her best. The girl in her wants to play. The tiger in her wants to come out and show her true nature and color, but she needs preparation. The environment is not always going to be right. So, you need to know her and understand if she says no when the environment and timing are not right.

Does this help? Any questions, comments, addition, subtraction, etc. Please share in the comment section.

The Saint.

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