Monday 21 February 2022

What a Woman Wants During Sex from Her Man. (Part Two)

It is kind of a no-brainer that the man, typically, initiates sex. Is the old hunter-prey, predator-prey scenario. The hunter or predator runs to, while the prey runs from. The difference here is that women want it. They want to be hunted, chased, and taken captive as a worthy price. Just because they have agreed to marry you, does not take away the innate desire and need to be pursued.

A woman wants to be needed and romantically seduced. Why else do you think women are selfie crazy and need to check the mirror 1001 times a day. Even when she is out of shape she is still expecting her man to see beyond the physical to the content. Difficult, I know, but thou shalt not crush the spirit of your woman. [It is the 11th commandment.] She is your garden. A man provides cover. A man tends his garden.

Even in her old age, she wants to be reminded of her youth. If there is anyone place she needs you to lead, it is in the bedroom. Your leadership is seen as pure love. So, go ahead and plan the romantic night, getaway, or whatever. Just ensure the spotlight is on her as your focus of affection. She wants to be seen by you.

If you make her the center of attraction, she will NEVER be too tired for it. The NOs will disappear. You will gain entrance into the promised land. And, the women say, Amen!

Does this help? Any questions, comments, addition, subtraction, etc. Please share in the comment.

The Saint.

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