Monday 21 February 2022

What a Woman Wants During Sex from Her Man. (Part One)

Reading an article on "The Dating Divas" at, and felt it might be one to share with y'all. the title of the article is "Find Out What Women want During sex From Her Man." Do we men want to know what the women want? I guess the answer is a resounding yes. A good man only enjoys sex if his woman is enjoying it. 

As much as the typical man is ALWAYS thinking about sex, his pleasure is found in satisfying his woman. It will be mutually beneficial for him in knowing what makes the goal achievable. Sex is not just physical for a woman. It is emotional and spiritual. She needs sex too. Really? A lot of women act as though sex is taboo.

A friend's wife actually once too him, "sex is dirty," and denied him sex for a while. She seemed to have taken his fear of God for granted. I think a lot of women do this. They seek a godly man, then deny him sex. I think that is tantamount to wickedness but open to hearing the women's side of the story. The jury from the survey conducted is that "women NEED sex too." Really?

Women only wish their husbands knew that sex is not just physical for them. It is emotional and spiritual. For the man, it is, consciously, purely physical. May be unconsciously emotional and spiritual. Therein, I guess, is the challenge. The two approach the same thing from two different consciousnesses. There is an opportunity here for both to find a common ground.

A man and a woman, both need sex, but for different reasons. A woman needs it to fill her emotional and spiritual cup, while the man needs it to fill his physical cup. The two need to be cognizant of these and help one another in fulfilling the individual needs. How? I guess the golden rule comes to play here. The man needs to walk in the woman's shoes, just as much as the woman needs to walk in the man's.

The age-old question comes to bear, which comes first, "the chicken or the egg." Who cares? Does love care? Maturity's call is for each to set out to do what is right regardless of the other. Can you take that? You got to provoke your partner to love. That is what love does. So, men, it is not about jumping on and off. It is not about releasing. It is about making a connection with your wife, your woman. she wants to be seen.

Men, learn to enjoy time with your woman, not only when you want sex. Touch her, appreciate her, joke with her, laugh with her, without any demand for sex. Make her want you. She wants to want you. A woman was made for a woman. I know I just offended some people, but no apologies. A woman's makeup is such as to desire to be wooed by a strong man, worth of her, as the price.

Men, just because you have put a ring to it does not make the desire for being wooed leave. The difference is she now only wants to be wooed by you. It is a privilege, not a right. Treat it as such, and you will not only stay out of trouble but will be handsomely rewarded by the paradise she has the keys to. Women love sex and want to have it as often as men do, if not more. The secret is understanding she has a secret code called connection.

Does this help? Any questions, comments, addition, subtraction, etc. Please share in the comment.

The Saint.

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