Monday 1 November 2021

The Alpha Personality (Part Two): Who is He or She?


The Alpha, the numero one, is analogous to the "Red" in the E-color personality description model. Here, they are described as "The Doer, The Director." They are analogous to the "Sanguine" in the Temperament model. Here, they are described as, "enthusiastic, active, social, curious, creative, optimistic, spontaneous, impulsive, assertive and goal-oriented." They are analogous to the "Fire" in the Empedocles' "Primary Elements" Model.

Here, they are additionally described as "Wizards, Comedians, and Activators." On the DISC model, they are analogous to the D - Dominant, Decisive, Direct, and Driver. The word as descriptive of personality was more popularly used in describing the leader amongst a pack of wolves or dogs. Nuance is also seen in George Orwell's classic book, "Animal Farm." An Alpha seems to always stand out amongst the seeming equals. Such is the lead of the party. Hence, the word Alpha is descriptive of leadership.

The Natural Leader.

The Alpha Male/Female might fall short of Level5 leadership, due to its consciousness of hierarchy and desire to be in control. Jim Collins describes Level5 leaders as often self-effacing, quiet, reserved, and even shy. This is more descriptive of a Sigma Male/Female. In a sense, a Sigma Male/Female can be said to be a Quiet Alpha Male/Female. The reverse is also true. An Alpha Male/Female can be said to be a Loud Sigma Male/Female.

The Alpha Male/Female is more suited to a Leadership style based on authority. This type of leadership includes, "autocratic leadership, democratic or participative leadership, free-rein or laisse-faire leadership and paternalistic leadership." Hence, that which is their natural strength could also be a limiter. To raise their game, they'll have to develop humility. That does not come naturally to them. They need to be open to seeking help.

They need to take responsibility and develop discipline. They also need to learn the act of finding and empowering the right people. And, finally, lead with passion. True leadership requires courage - a willingness to peel back the onion and own your uglier layers. As Jim Collins notes, "Level 5 Leadership is not just about humility and modesty. It is equally about ferocious resolve, an almost  stoic determination to do whatever needs to be done to make the company great."

St. Akin de Great.

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