Saturday 30 October 2021

The Alpha Personality (Part One): Introduction.


Having spent some time talking about myself, the Sigma Male, I might as well also talk about the competition. That will help define better the canvas against which background I roll. The first of these, and so often confused with the Sigma personality, is the Alpha Male/Female. The Sigma Male/Female is often thought of as the Alpha Male/Female due to its being opinionated and often dominant nature. 

Attributes associated with the Alpha personality include a strong sense of self; determination; conviction in beliefs; ambition and the desire to work hard; resilience; a desire to be in control; confidence; seeking out challenges. All these attributes are equally found in the Sigma personality. The difference between the Alpha and the Sigma personalities possibly emanate mainly from their placing on the Extroversion spectrum. While the Alpha personality is high in extroversion, the latter is low. 

One example that comes to mind is two (2) decades ago when I was behind the steering wheel speeding with a 500 S-Class Mercedes Benz. I owned a Mercedes Benz 300, then. We both met at one toll gate and were both headed for the next toll gate, on a good road. As we sped, while my Benz 300 was approaching lift velocity, the S-Class was solid on the ground. Then wisdom came to me, and I remembered, I have a young wife and kids. 

That is a picture of the Alpha and the Sigma personalities when exposed to an extraverted environment. Time and extraversion sift them out. The Alpha Male/Female is high in masculine energy, irrespective of the sex of the personality.

St. Akin de Great.

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