Tuesday 2 November 2021

Sigma Male Rules (Part Three).

Welcome back from the commercial break. 

Here I continue with the last and closing part of 15 things I don't like, as a Sigma Male.

12. Criticism. What a Sigma personality dislikes really is the unnecessary attention. As much as we always want to be on top of our game blazing the trail, we truly will love to do it in the background devoid of too much, and unnecessary, attention. It then gets worse when such attention is negative. We can manage the praise, and constructive criticism. Negative criticism is a double-barrel attack on our person.

We do our best to avoid negative criticism, by being diligent, but we do admit life is just what it is. People are just who they are. Wish we could avoid it, but we will not live less because of it. 

13. People Who Take And Rarely Give. I sure detest parasites. Being a quiet leader, I gain my energy in privacy in the company of myself. Two, me and myself, is company. Any addition requires an exertion of energy, hence the need to be energy efficient. 

14. Conflict. I say all the time, "I hate conflicts." Wish the world can be without conflicts. A place where we all think the best of one another. Howbeit, this mind is not in all. So, I say to myself and others continually, "as much as I detest conflicts, I will NEVER run away from one." "The brave do not live forever. The coward NEVER lives at all. 

We all get to die one day." The coward dies a thousand and one times before their actual demise." There ain't no coward anywhere in my anatomy. "He who says his mother will not sleep will not also sleep."

15. When Life Lacks Meaning. I am a very visual person. I cannot function when the picture is not clear. The picture is the meaning, the end goal, the reason. I am an end, goal-oriented person. I do nothing for the sake of doing it. I am a big picture person. The "Why" must NEVER be in doubt. We only get to live this life once. Once is enough if we live it well.

Well, thanks for your time in taking a look at my world. Now you know why I do what I do. Now we can work better together. You can see there is ALWAYS a method to the madness.

St. Akin de Great.

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