Thursday 20 August 2020

Please, Parent Me.

I am a Foreigner. Please, Help Me Settle in.
“We’re all busy, but there’s a responsibility that you can’t be too busy to love and direct your child.” — Anonymous
To be too busy not to have time for your children is sin. It is a sin towards God, yourself, child, and his or her generation. They are only young once. They are only children once in a lifetime. Your sole responsibility is to help them stand on your shoulders as they navigate the different seasons of their life.

The seasons of their lives cannot wait, so you have no excuse. Yes, to provide for them and the family is also important, but nothing can take your place in the scheme of things.

Yes, they appreciate all that you do in "slaving away" to ensure the family maintains its economy class. Their understanding still does not fill the emotional and psychological gaps.

We are not here saying you should drop everything else you are doing. It is just to remind you we need you. We love the gifts, but we love you much more. We want to have time out with you. We want to listen to your stories, your jokes, your counsel, your all.

You matter to us. Your place no one else can take. Not house helps, aunties, uncles or whoever. Yes, stay faithful at work, but never forget we matter also. Prioritize us. Make space for us on your schedule. Remember, we are only young once.

When this season is gone, we might not be able to get it back. Remember, this is our opportunity to connect. You got the upper hand now to sow the seeds in my life. When this season is gone I will have the upper hand. There might be no connection if the seeds are not sown today.

With Much Love and Appreciations.

Your Child.

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