Saturday 21 October 2017

Give Them Your Rags

My Wealth is in my Rags
The greatest treasure we can bequeath our children is not money. The greatest treasure we can, and should bequeath our children is our person - who we are as a person and all that we represent. That is our belief, principles, our values, our aspirations, the lessons and experiences of our pilgrimage.

They should not be re-inventing the wheels as far as our path through life is concerned. Rather, they should be standing on our shoulders to see further and go further than we ever did. This is the true metric for adjudging our success or failure as parents and/or guardians.

An old Yoruba Proverbs puts it this way, “children cannot have so many clothes as to have more rags than the elders." How so very true indeed. Don’t let your “rags” go to waste. They are your wealth. They are what life bequeath to you as a reward for your pilgrimage.

It is not easily given, nor acquired. It does not drop from the skies. It had to be worked in. It had to be worked in by seeming failures, weepings, fears, loss of hope, pains, surprises, disappointments, etc. They are jewels of inestimable worth.

It is the platform on which the next generation ought to launch from. They don't have to relearn our own learning. That will amount to a wastage of the blood with which the learnings are written. They have their own appointed learnings, they don't have to be burdened with ours.

Ours ought to be behind them, while they take on new and bigger giants. For only when we do bequeath them, will they truly be equipped, to go further, faster and greater than we ever went, or will go. We are the link the carriers of the anointing (enablement) for the next generation.

It is up to us to release it and bequeath our children with it. Only then can He who gave them to us tells us, "well done, good and faithful servant."

Let us endeavour to,

Teach Them to Fish. Teach Them How to Nest in the Gale. Teach Them to be Resilient. Share our successes. Share your failures. Teach Them Life. Teach them to live life with its ups and downs. And, teach Them to be Responsible.

Will you?

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