Saturday 23 September 2017

Dare to be Free

All serious daring starts from within. (Eudora Welty) 

Chains tying us to the past include abuses – rape, disappointments, broken relationships, lack of the true love of a parent(s), lack of affirmation, etc. The key thing is the presence of baggage, from one’s past, which has found itself in the present. The rewards are the pain and/or joy we associate with these. The old routines being the ways and manner we have hitherto coped, adjusted in obtaining the perceived reward.
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. (Robert Kennedy) 
  Our old routine, more often than not, sits on the perception of control. We got this, we say to our self. We can handle it, we think. Unfortunately, we more often than not, handle it in ways which keep us in perpetual bondage. This we do either by numbing our feelings or creating walls. Both are not natural and hence not sustainable for growth and mutually beneficial relationships. Hence, our first step in deliverance is to relinquish control. That is being willing and ready to be vulnerable and give life another chance.
Whether it is your work, your love, or your life – unless you throw your entire self into it, you will never know what it is. (Jaggi Vasudev)

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