Saturday 10 December 2022

Making the Invisible Visible.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins.

Do you have dreams and wishes? Does your heart yearn for a place called there, a large place, a beautiful place, a glorious place? How do you suppose you'll get there? By staying in bed? By continuing to wish and dream, or by stepping out to begin doing something about it?

We have a new year closing in before us. Do you have dreams for the New Year? Do you have expectations? Or, you are one of those sold on the sadistic mentality of "expecting nothing?" You are sure wiser than that. Ain't you? 

If you don't expect you don't get. QED. And, if you get, you get what is left after those who expect have taken their bit. Is that the kind of life you are dreaming about? Is that the kind of life you want? I trust not. You are bigger than that.

So, let's get to working on the coming year. Where do you expect to be on the last day of the year? Who do you expect to be on this day?What do you expect to have accomplished? To reach all these milestones on the last day of the year, where, who and what do you expect at the middle of the year; at the end of each quarter?

Write them down now. Muse over them, and update as your thoughts gain clarity. These are the beginning steps to making the invisible visible. This is the secret to becoming a miracle worker.

The Saint.

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