Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Fact of the Theory.

“A young man is a theory; an old man is a fact.” – E. W. Howe.

My people say, "the young do not have so much clothing that they have more rags than the old." That is in no way to despise the fountain of youth, but simply to speak truth to life. Hormones intoxicate. Age and experience bring balance and order to bear.

I became spiritually mature much earlier than the ordinary, but my mental faculties were not at the same pace. My spirit knew things my mind had no clue about. I get those every so often bust where my spirit takes control and the miraculous has its bearing.

Those were not sustainable. Why? We each are what our mental faculty makes us. It is not the charisma [spirit], but the character [personality, character, soul, mind]. That comes with the passage of time. Though not guaranteed but cannot be without. 

Everyone still must exercise themselves in the passage of time. That is why we have the old and wise, just as we have the old and foolish. Chronology does not guarantee wisdom. Right exercising of oneself in the stream of life is the formula to wisdom and growth - emotionally and mentally.

Yes, the young man is a theory who is proven to be wise or foolish with the passage of time. The right application produces the right result. The wrong application produces the wrong result. The old man is a result, not an accident. Written over the person is the story of his or her life.

Which story is your life saying? Regardless, there is still hope for you. You can make bad to be good, good to be better, and better into best. That is why you are still breathing. Make it count.

The Saint.

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