Thursday 8 December 2022

A Stitch in Time.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” — Alexander Graham Bell.

Failure is predominant in the third World because they are ever looking back at what they lost, rather than making the best of all they have left. Their prayer merchants are out deceiving them on last minute supposed miracles, instead of focusing on the opportunities the coming year hold.

They are ever playing catch up and in a hurry. This is intentional, as it prevents them from truly thinking straight and globally. For when they do, the scam holding them captive becomes apparent. And, the game is up for this prayer merchants.

The coming year hold tremendous opportunities in its wake. So, why not drive into it looking forward, rather than being bogged by that which is behind you? Why not ask the relevant questions now, so you know the answers you are looking for, and you send your subconsciousness on assignment?

The old is gone. Let's embrace the new before we are lost in its trappings. The coming year is ours to control if we set forth our map before it starts. Lest we become slaves to its emotions, like others in the rat race. 

We are no rat. We are human beings. We are living intellect, will and emotions. Let's put it to working for us. The coming year is ours for the taking. Let's go.

The Saint.

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