Monday 31 January 2022

Dare to be You.

“Begin with another's to end with your own.” ― Baltasar Gracian.

We are not here to impress. We are here to express a certain dimension that is in congruence with the fullest and highest expression of all we are created and endowed to be. This is, however, a discovery, not one we enter the stage fully cognizance of.

We evolve over time and space as we apply ourselves in the flow of life. We discover our strengths and weaknesses. We learn how to fine-tune, nurture and use our strengths in breaking through and past hitherto established barriers.

We also learn how to put our weaknesses at bay. We do these by laying hold of all that is available to us wherever we find ourselves and begin to make a profit from it. We do not wait for fair weather or conditions. We do not wait till the stars are aligned or the birds are in a row. Those who do never start, or when they do the opportunities are long gone.

No, we do not wait, but rather take the plunge and find our wings on the way down. More like the way the eagle weans her young ones. She stirs the nest and allows the baby eagles to freefall till they are able to find their own wings. Such is life. It carries us only for so long, and no more. At some point in time we need to be weaned, let go to find our own wings, lest we die unfulfilled.

There are no two ways to live. We are designed to be independent beings, and until we are allowed to be, we cannot actualize. Self-actualizing involves drawing from the deep well within all that we are created and shaped for. It is the living to the deepest and highest expression of all that we are endowed with and for.

It comes by stepping out and daring life. That is the only way to conquer. You have to dare to win. You have to dare to overcome and conquer. You have to dare to be all that you have ever dreamt of becoming. You are possible. Your dreams are possible, but you'll never know until you step out and dare to be. Dare to live.

2022 is the year of your joy being full. What are you going to step out and dare?

The Saint.

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