Friday 28 January 2022

Pass Me Not.

“Never overlook the business that is right under your nose.” — Patricia Fripp.

I guess the more straightforward way of saying this is, "Never overlook an opportunity." Right? Why would anyone want to? I don't know, but a lot of people do this every day. Some out of sheer ignorance. Others, out of pride. Yet, others, out of laziness. And, the catch-all and in all, is FEAR.

Opportunities, businesses, jobs, contracts, promotions, career movements, and enrichments lurk around us every day. Yet many complain of the lack of these. More like the old saying, "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink." (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) How do we change this narrative?

What if the answer was as simple as being human? We were built to harness opportunities. That is how we evolved from the cave, the stone age. We evolved by harnessing opportunities. Not doing so is less than the expectation of humanity.

Once, we have won our private battles, of loving (accepting) our own self, the next natural thing is to conquer the world, our environment. How? We conquer by giving, making an impact in the public place with all that we are, not what we are not. Of that which we have, we give.

In giving, the tap of opportunities is open to us. Too simple to accept? Let me share some examples. What does it take to say hello, and good morning to the people you meet along your way? I get to work out within my estate on a daily basis.

Saying hellos and good mornings has won me a couple of friends I might never have known. And, those come with the added benefits. I got to counsel a couple in Botswana last year. Today, I am working on buying farmlands in Botswana, along with tapping into other available opportunities there.

My present farm holding came from counseling a lady in marital distress. I hitherto never planned to farm. She was selling farmland, and in a bid to help her financially, I got into farming. And, the story continues. It's called serendipity. It does not just happen. You can influence it.

You don't go out for what you want to get. You step out for what you can give. The universe, a perfect giver, rewards your no-string-attached giving. How simpler would you have me break it down?

The Saint.

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