Monday 20 September 2021

The Cost of Freedom.

“Empowerment means that people have the freedom to act. It also means that they are accountable for results.” ― Kenneth H. Blanchard.

The only one who truly knows the value of freedom is one who has experienced incarceration - in reality, or synthesized. Until you truly know what it is to be without freedom, you'll probably never truly appreciate the freedom you've got. And, when you don't truly appreciate the freedom you've got, it becomes a source of incarceration. It stops being what it is and starts becoming what it is not.

Years ago, when I first read about freedom in the holy book, the "but" kind of caught my attention. The "but" is what traps a lot of people. Their brain kind of bypasses it. They assume the "but" insignificant. They miss its power. And, hence lose that which is freely given. There is no absolute freedom anywhere in the universe. We all are held together by the "but" - the boundaries, the attraction, the gravity, etc.

Just imagine a world without gravity. We will all be floating and unable to keep station. We would be free, but useless. The uselessness then becomes our captivity. There is no absolute freedom anywhere in the universe. Every freedom given is a trust - a trust to function in a particular path, upholding specific values and light. When the trust is upheld, more freedom is given and or opened up. When it is not upheld, freedom constricts.

Whether we are empowered or not is all in our hands. We are the captain of our soul, the master of our own destiny. We are self-made. Whatever our life is and becomes, we are responsible. It is all in our hands. It is all a function of all we do with the freedom we have been given.

St. Akin de Great.

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