Sunday 19 September 2021

Let Go of What Was.

“Holding onto what was isn't healthy for what is.” ― Hannah Whitall Smith.

Yesterday is gone. And, it really does not matter your yesterday - good, bad, ugly, etc. The only reality is, it is history. It has forever been locked away in the annals. It cannot be made worse, or better. It is forever cast. It cannot be changed. Why then do we keep staring at it? Why then do we keep second-guessing it? Why then do we keep wishing it were different? 

Someone or something has got us busy doing the worst of things. We are all motion and no movement. We are deprecating our ability to think, hence defecating our mental efficacy. Guess what that is known and called? You are right. I always knew you are intelligent. It is called mental sickness when you lose mental efficacy. Obviously, that is not intentional. No one wants to be told they are crazy. Do you?

The mere understanding of that got me to fight my way back from depression, on my last bout with it. I sure did not want to be associated with mental sickness. It did not sound right in my ears. This is in no way to despise those battling with it. We all are at different stages of life, different experiences, resilience, etc. Just here relating my story, and also encouraging everyone not to give in, irrespective of where you find yourself. 

There is always something you can do. Do it, and keep doing it, till there is more you can do. Then go for the more, and keep raising your game. No one is asking you to do the things you cannot do. Miracles don't start in the future. They start today, this very moment, with all you can do. Until you do all you can do, you will never be able to do the things you cannot do. 

The miracle of life is found in every moment of every day. Never in the yesterdays, nor in the future. Life happens in the now, this very moment. Herein is the fallacy of holding too tightly to what use to be. Until you let go, the miracles of your life, the miracle of the now cannot bear sway in your life. You cannot have fresh wine in a full cup. You got to empty the spent wine of the yesterdays to receive the new wine of today.

Learn from yesterday, but refuse to be fixated on it. It does not matter what you lost or gained. It's history. It's a new day. Be fixated on today, this very moment, and watch the universe open up to you. Your dreams are possible. Your vision is possible. Your goals are possible. Your targets are possible. You are possible, but only in the present moment. This is where you are most powerful, efficacious, where the universe, providence is at your beck and beckon.

What are you waiting for?

St. Akin de Great.

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