Sunday 13 June 2021

Under-promise and Over-deliver. (9/10)

Work in silence. Let your results make the noise and announce you. It is foolishness to blow smoke without substance. That is a sure way of making a fool of oneself, and there are many of such around. The result of all your hassles, not the hassle itself, is what separates men from boys.

Let the Laws Work for You:

One of the ways we make our hassles produce our desired results is by keying it into the "Law of Compensation" and its corollaries, the "Law of Going the Extra Mile" and "Law of Intention." Intention determines the outcome. 

Two people did the same thing. What differentiates their result is the intent with which they did what they did. The intent determines the energy they bring to bear and the vision they cast. Said another way, their intent determines the spirit or attitude they come to the job with.


The attitude we know is everything. Attitude is contagious. It goes beyond the job itself to determine the pleasantness of the personality and the willingness or not of others to tag along, as a team. This cannot be bought in the market. A person either has it or not.

So, come to work as one intending to do just not the barest minimum, but as one intent on proving service, a blessing, a difference, imprinting his or herself on that which is being done. The truth is people see an imprint on every work that is being done, every service provided. 

The true question is, is it an imprint intended by the bearer? Does it represent the true nature of the bearer, his or her brand? That is, the nature of the creator in that life? Is it sellable? Does it have value? Is it easily replaceable? Or, it is common.

Each individual's wealthy place is determined by the answer to these questions.

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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